My Meditation Book is Available :)

My passion project: The Art of Flow: Mindful Mini Meditations TM is now available! To purchase, please go to my new author site: I think it is absolutely fitting that my meditation book—filled with short meditations that I created to help my hospital yogis—is published before my novels. It must be because I could never have found my way back (or the ability to thwart my fear and return to writing my fiction) if it weren’t for yoga and meditation. This book will help lower your stress. It will ask you to visualize being in a beautiful location (assisted by my photographs from Hawaii, Sequoia, and California beaches) and to take deep breaths, read the prompts, turn your phone timer to five minutes, and to close your eyes and repeat a mantra mentally until your phone dings. It’s that easy. And it can be done anywhere, anytime, as this book is small enough to fit into your bag. As a bonus, I added my favorite affirmations and mantras for love, letting go, acceptance, and healing. There is also a workbook for readers to write down intentions after they meditate, as I find, when I center my mind, and connect to Source, my intentions are more in alignment with serving and cosmic good. This section can be returned to time and again as your meditation practice solidifies for you to see how your goals and intentions change over time.

As I mentioned, these five-minute meditations are in honor of my hospital yogis I’ve instructed for seven years. They have taught me, however, valuable lessons on courage, stamina, faith, trust, and the healing power of a supportive community. There’s not much as frightening in life as getting a diagnosis of cancer. I created visualized meditations, married with mantras, to assist with feeling safe, healthy, at ease, loved, enough, vibrant.

This book was going to be published last year by a small publisher. But with the pandemic affecting business, as well as a looming Random House purchase of Simon & Schuster that industry pundits feared would cut budgets and staffs for small publishers—my little book kept getting delayed. One week ago, in the midst of so much chaos and death in our country, I decided Fu*k it—I’ll publish it myself. There is so much fear within the world right now, especially in my hometown of Los Angeles. Since all of the photos and meditations are mine, and I had done the design, I got a copyright, reached out to a friend in yoga circles with a printing company, and the rest is history.

Once I pay back the printing costs, I will donate 15% of sales (which I also plan to do for my novels I publish in the next 3 years) to @unwomen, a global organization with the purpose to combat violence against women throughout the world. And all who purchase a copy of my meditation book from my new author website:, will automatically be entered to win a spot in my Maui yoga retreat next September! The winner will be drawn from a hat (literally) by my son, on May 1st. So good luck! 🙂 It’s my way to give back and inspire excitement for the future. There’s still so much to look forward to. Here is one meditation from my book for you to experience.

Whatever this coming week holds for us in this country, please remember to take deep breaths, center yourself, and focus on what you can control: how you feel, how well you take care of yourself, and how you respond.

Laura x

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