My Words in Print :)!

I woke up to find this wonderful email sent to me by Literary Magazine Faith Hope & Fiction. I knew Patricia Crisafulli, editor and founder of FHF, had accepted and agreed to publish an excerpt of my novel Uriel’s Mask (click on word excerpt to read)—but I had no idea that she’d be promoting it within an email to all her subscribers! I’m so grateful. No that’s not quite the right word. Yes I’m grateful, but any of you writers out there will understand, I’m overwhelmed and inspired. When you’ve been on the writer path and have written (and edited) as many manuscript drafts, gone to as many conferences, sent as many submissions to agents, editors, publishers, contests, etc. it’s amazing to have a fellow author believe in you.

And I believe in her. Please go to her online magazine, Faith Hope & Fiction, that she publishes (and pays for) on her own to support fellow writers. Patricia has also published wonderful books, you might want to dig into, such as: Rwanda Inc. and Remembering Mother, Finding Myself, and House of Dimon: How JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon Rose to the Top of the Financial Industry.

Check out her magazine and her books and keep supporting each other. Remember, all tides rise with the stream. Writers (and any creators) prosper when supporting each other—and it just feels good. 🙂

Have a beautiful week. Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay cool. And as Dory says: “Just keep swimming.”


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