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WORDS. They define and shape my life. As a child, I barely spoke. Not until I was eleven years old did I speak to strangers. I barely muttered a word in school, too. I’ve certainly overcome that! Lol. 🙂 But I find that I typically ‘talk’ above a shiny surface that skirts around everything else but what is truly resonating with me. It’s hard to ‘go there’ when I speak. Writing is how I find my truth. And writing is the best way I communicate. Whether it’s through an essay, a journalistic article, a blog post, short story, or a chapter in my novel Uriel’s Mask…the words are how I find clarity, truth, forgiveness, freedom. I don’t understand it, but it’s just the way I am. So this section is dedicated specifically to the power of the written word.

My favorite authors, who have given me those aha moments, I’ll honor here with book reviews. I’ll link to articles from journalists who bravely go where others do not—emotionally and physically. The posts that describe both the frustrating and the richly rewarding writing process, will be here too. You’ll soon find snippets from my latest novel that I’m completing. I may publish a short story or two here—as well poetry and essays from my favorites. To read these stories, please click WORDS in my topic sidebar on my home page.


I entertain your feedback. And, as always, I am deeply grateful and humbled by any of you who take the time to actually read these words.

Thank you. x



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