Consulting Rates

With a career spanning 25 years, I have edited books for publishing houses and clients; and held editor positions for business, parenting, and healthcare magazines. As a freelancer, I have published in magazines and newspapers on topics ranging from business, recruiting and hr issues for Forbes, The Industry Standard, Inc. & The New York Times—as well as covered health care, parenting, and pregnancy for Fit Pregnancy, Parents, Parenting and Junior Baby magazines. As a PR consultant, I have edited memoirs and speeches for executives, as well as penned opinion pieces for CEOs as a ghost writer. As a health care journalist, I translate medically technical jargon concerning the latest technology and research for cancer and cutting edge surgical techniques, into layman’s language. Finally, as a PR consultant, I have placed client’s news within local and national publications, as well as strengthened online presence. My consultancy rate sheet is below. It is flexible, based on clients’ needs and budgets. Please get in touch if I can be of service.


Editing fees range based on length of novel, number of edits requested, meetings with clients. Base reading and editing fee starts at $600.


Press releases, placement, social media marketing, & corporate communications is an hourly rate of $50 / hour, or project fee based on size and scope of assignment.

Crafting opinion pieces and/or editing chapters of business or medical books and/ 0r manuals, $100 / hour or $250 a project.


Writing Coaching: $50 / hour or a monthly fee to reduce that rate. This coaching is unique and incorporates my passion for meditation and deep breathing. 


All other journalism and blogging needs ranging from crafting newsletters & creating blogs, contact me for rates based on size and scope of project. 






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