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Last Post Here … Lets Catchup (& come see me at LauraKRoe.com !)

I’ve been distant lately. Took a social media break and then wasn’t blogging much. It’s good to detach sometimes. I’ve been focussing on my writing, finances, yoga & meditation (not all in that order!) Since the boys and I got our vaccines, I’ve been exploring a bit more here in California: girlfriend trips to Joshua Tree and Sonoma, birthday trip with the boys to Catalina Island — and also an amazing trip to Florida, where I took my youngest to a weekend astronaut training camp at the Kennedy Space Center. (Beyond cool!)

And, I’ve got some good news, bad news. I’ll start with the good. I signed with my dream literary agent. I told myself that somehow, someway, I’d sign with someone who is spiritual, ethical, smart, savvy, and a really good editor/reader, on top of being an agent who gets me. She’s all that; definitely worth the wait. I think of the 25 years of writing and how other agents have come and gone—and how if my first deal when I was 25 years old (my MFA thesis of a murder mystery in Maine) had worked out, I’d likely never have written my three other novels. Everything in life—all the “good” and the “bad” moments—have shaped me, inspired growth, and led me to this exact moment with you. I say this all the time to my yoga students as I lead them into savasana meditation. And I mean it every time I say some version of that. But I guess I see it and mean it for all the yogis that I wish healing and the very best for. I’m a care-taker. So when the good comes in for me, well, I’m just shocked and over-whelmed. I’m always happy for others, and then grateful for what I have…so when things get even better, it’s just so damn unbelievable. It’s a kick. 🙂 Here’s me giving a cheers to Delia, with a class of kombucha, lol!

Cheers to signing with Delia Berrigan of Martin Literary & Media Management!

So what’s the bad news? I don’t really have bad news, just changes. I’m not teaching the yoga retreat in Maui in September or helping my girl Heather with hers in August. But that’s OK. I accepted a summer, full time contract offer with Canyon Ranch – OMG do they have incredibly elegant East meets West retreat centers! I’ve been writing for their new site launch and HOPE to be able to teach at the Woodlands treehouse retreat at some point. It’ll be like a spiritual retreat that reminds me of the Ewoks home in Star Wars. (I’m a secret Star Wars nerd…)

The other news? I’m deleting NavigatingVita.com. It’s an end to an era. I started this blog in order to find strength, process PTSD, connect with other single moms, find healthy and positive strategies, etc. This was started in 2011, when I had left an abusive relationship-my first since my husband had left. So navigating betrayal and finding a way to marinate in gratitude and walk a path toward my own worth (while raising a baby and elementary school kid solo) was really my focus. But over time, I found my way back to writing fiction, however, and wrote Uriel’s Mask (now being read by editors of publishing houses—how insane is that?!), and Between Thoughts of You (to be published by a Simon & Schuster hybrid publisher next year), a meditation & photography book, and am half-way through with another novel: Jupiter’s Weight—a trippy mystery that may surprise you. So, with that said, I no longer worry about my worth, or being betrayed- I just don’t have time. I’ve also taken 6 yoga teacher trainings since 2012 and teach weekly yoga classes and write for corporate clients to pay the rent. It’s been a long journey since 2011, but I’m happy to say that I’m busy, thriving, healthy, and ready to move into the summer of 2021 with renewed energy, clarity, and gratitude.

Please subscribe to my author site: http://www.LauraKRoe.com where I will focus on writing about what my characters have to say. AND, I promise to engage with you. For instance, did you know that my fiction is cross-over? So typical for me, as a journalist who likes to write about many subjects, that I’d not choose one genre. In my fiction, I am considered a bit of a hybrid blend of mystery, women’s literature, historical fiction, erotica (yes, sorry dad), within far-a-way places (as I love to travel) such as Hawaii, Barcelona, Tuscany, Rome, North Carolina mountains, Maine, etc.). It’s hard to pin me, or my characters, down. The main characters are women who find their strength, however, the men, well, they all have starring, compelling roles. When I’m writing a scene that I’m not sure of, or fear may be too much of something: erotica, violence, history, or spiritual magical themes, etc. …I may just post it and see what ya’ll think.

I so look forward to hearing back from you.

Have a beautiful summer and remember to breathe, pause, and take time to be outside, read, or dance to your favorite tunes.

Laura x