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I’ve been a journalist since 18 years of age when I worked for WUGA radio station and The Red & Black newspaper in Athens, Georgia. I’ve written for The New York Times, Inc., Forbes, Fit Pregnancy, Parenting and Parents magazines, LA Times, Atlanta Journal & Constitution as well as holding positions as editor for various publications and online communities. I have penned three novels and am currently seeking representation. (To read excerpts, please pull down WORDS in my side menu bar, or send me a note directly.) As a parenting and pregnancy editor and columnist with Real Girls Media and Fit Pregnancy magazine, and a blogger, articles and blog posts have led to interviews and appearances on  HuffPost, Yahoo, ABC News, CNNfn and appearances on The Queen Latifah Show and Dr. Drew’s Lifechanger’s show. As a consultant, I have worked with PR firms in New York writing opinion pieces for CEOs that were placed in Inc, Wired and Forbes. As a writing and editing consultant, I  edit novels and a range of books—from self-help, to memoir, to spiritual, as well as provide writing and publishing coaching. To see a list of my publishing clients, and for more information about my background, go to my LinkedIn site. For consulting rates, please contact me.

Below is a list of some current articles:

  • Fall 2017 Pulse Magazine: Specifically, articles on teens and addiction. (I launched Pulse Magazine for Torrance Memorial Medical Center, now freelance/consult each issue.)
  • Stroke Diagnosis Gets High Tech, Pulse Magazine, Summer 2016
    Welcome Baby!, Pulse Magazine Fall, 2016
    When Doctors Become Patients
     Pulse Magazine, Dec. 2015
  • 360 Degrees of Cancer Care Pulse Magazine, Aug 2015 The most comprehensive cover story covering all the latest developments, scientific treatments and research in all areas of cancer. A VERY powerful and informative article.
  • Staying In The Game: ESPN correspondent, Shelley Smith, a four-time Emmy-winning reporter and author of three books shares her inspiring story of navigating breast cancer and finding recovery and, even dance!
  • Panelist on HuffPostLive discussing how to avoid Nanny nightmares. Go to: “Good Help Is Hard To HardTo Find”.
  • As some know, I was a Lifechanger for Dr. Drew. One of my Lifechanger and NavigatingVita articles was also recently published on Yahoo! Shine, entitled 8 Ways To Get Your Kids to Talk To You.
  • My Fit Pregnancy magazine, article entitled “Is Your Dude a Dadzilla?”, was published in the June/July issue. The article is one that examines the few, but ferocious, over-bearing dads who take over during pregnancy. (Not that I’m familiar with that scenario!)
  • My Fit Pregnancy magazine cover article entitled “Beat The Four Biggest Stresses” is in the August/September issue. This examines what triggers severe stress, how that stress affects mom and baby and expert advice to lessen the pain. (Just another reason to continue with yoga my single parent friends!)
  • My Pulse Magazine cover article “Navigating Autism” examines the latest research and therapies for the complex disorder that has recently gone through a re-definition by the American Psychiatric Association. For this article, I interviewed many families to highlight the differences each child faces in the multi-dimentional, varying disorder that so many American children now struggle with.
  • Match Point: How this healthy Southern California volleyball player almost lost his life…Know the signs for heart disease.
  • Paying It Forward: Looking for ways to help your family volunteer together, this Los Angeles article is for you!
  • Another Pulse Magazine article, “A New Lease on Life,” profiles one woman’s inspiring story after gastric by-pass surgery. It’s not your typical story about cosmetic surgery, this woman is amazing. (The link takes you to the online table of contents for Pulse. Click to page 46.)
  • My article “Be Still My Beating Heart” for Pulse Magazine, examines erratic heart beats and new treatments and technology to reverse arrhythmias.
  • As some know, I am insanely passionate about cancer research and survivors. Back in the day, I helped the American Cancer Society launch their first webzine and wrote many articles about cancer research and patient stories. So it’s no surprise that when I helped MoonTideMedia launch Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s magazine, I focused on cancer. Writing the cover article, “Cancer Doesn’t Define Me!” moved me tremendously. Listen to the voices of these amazing survivors and I dare you not to be touched. CancerFeature_Pulse

2 responses to “Latest & Greatest

  1. That is a great magazine put out by the hospital!!! Super article!!!

    • Thanks Bridget!! I worked hard to launch that magazine and I LOVED writing this article in particular as these cancer survivors are SO inspirational. I’m writing another cancer story at the moment about a 46-year-old woman who was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer (after experiencing only mild stomach aches, oy…) with a tumor that was attached to her kidney, part of her heart and liver! Amazingly, she survived. Again, meeting people like this put my little life’s troubles into perspective. xo

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