blessings multiply when in gratitude

Love this. ((( ❤ )))


i work with children with cerebral palsy.  i don’t know where to begin in explaining to you the blessings these children give to this world.  they are the constant reminder to me of all the gifts money can’t buy.  the smile, the glee, the bright eyes, the pure joy they emit when i walk into the room, or when they see the simplest things in life, like a butterfly landing on a nearby blade of grass.  they don’t ask for much, just a hug, eye contact, a simple gleeful ‘hello’, someone who may just pause to let them know they aren’t forgotten, that they are not only worthy of love, but they are pure love.

this weekend my daughter, riki, who works for espn, was able to get her hands on some extra tickets to the opening ceremony of the special olympics, which she wanted to be able to give…

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