on the practice of patience

Patience…Something easy to have when filled with confidence and then like a lightning storm, can feel impossible during the thunderous flashes of doubt. I think I need a ball of yarn to untangle! Thanks Manette for this beautiful post! xo


i used to think how wonderful if things that we wanted just happened when we wanted, like in the tv shows ‘bewitched’…or ‘i dream of jeanie’… wouldn’t it be cool if things just happened by magic. what i understand now is that it’s not what i want, so much as what it is i need to transform.

when i focus on the process, the journey, life – a series of lessons to learn more about myself and how i relate to others and to the universe.  i see life as the practice of patience.  if i’m focus on who i want to be like, what i want to acquire, what would make me ‘happy’, what i want people to think of me, what i want others to be like, i become discontent, frustrated, and impatient.

patience is having to wait for that something you want to happen, knowing you want it…

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