Yoga in the West Bank

How beautiful and inspiring are these women?! To find inner peace when living with extreme stress is a strength only found from within. I am in awe. Thanks for sharing Andrea!

Yoga & Joyful Living

What would you do, living in an unstable country, your daily routine marked by either lack of food and resources, lack of security, an ongoing conflict about control of land – or even all of the above?

These Palestinian women have turned their gaze inwards, towards the only stability they know they can rely on. They do yoga to connect to what lies deep within, to cope with the stress of their everyday existence.

And, let’s be honest: Don’t we all say we do yoga (at least to a certain degree) to cope with stress? Now in light of these women, I wonder if my so-called stress really is stress.

The fantastic article (read on here) reminded me of a workshop I once took. The teacher said: “We all talk about stress. But really, we don’t experience stress. Most of us don’t even know…

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