Praying Mantis Sends a Message?

This mysterious creature came to visit me the eve before Thanksgiving. Isn’t it amazing? As I snapped this close-up, she actually turned her head inquisitively, as if sizing me up. It’s large eyes and triangular shaped head then shifted and looked at me from the other direction. I stood motionless for a moment. What an intelligent, thoughtful, surprise visitor! I was baking a pie, the night before Thanksgiving, and she walked, easy as you please, right past my strawberry-apple pie. She seemed to know where she was going. Very determined to say the least.

By the time she reached my fork, I took the close-up picture and then found a helper to put the insect in the back yard—where she’d be less likely to get stepped on or eaten by a playful pet.

After this surprise visit, I started thinking about the significance of seeing a praying mantis in your home, or so close in range. I had had a disturbing dream the night before seeing this creature and felt like both were trying to send me a message. I began googling for information and found more than I needed. The most impressive came from fellow wordpress blogger Claude S. of Anything Box, who provided an amazing description of the praying mantis:

“Excellent hunters with an efficient attack strategy the praying mantis always knows the right moment for attack and for retreat. Time in the linear sense is irrelevant to the mantis.  They move according to their inner instincts and remind us to do the same.  Moving effortlessly between worlds the mantis is associated with time travel. They help us break out of linear time and move according to our personal bio rhythms.

The praying mantis can remain motionless for an indefinite period. This ability helps them blend with their environment becoming invisible to predators. They hold the secrets of materialization and de-materialization and awaken this ability in people who hold this medicine.  Perception through stillness is part of its teaching.”

If the mantis can remain motionless for long periods of time, in order to blend into its environment, what possessed this mantis to walk right past me as I’m putting together a pie and step up onto my fork like that? Well, apparently, legend has it that if a praying mantis comes to you in your house, it is a good sign of things to come. But others say it could be an omen or the visit is trying to force you to re-evaluate issues in your life.

Claude S. interpreted his mantis visit as a wake-up call:

“Patient, perceptive and focused this little totem holds a powerful message. When it appears in your life it is asking you to direct your energy, your thoughts or your actions in a different way. Asking the following questions can give you the insight necessary to motivate appropriate changes.  Have I lost patience with a particular situation?  Have I been too patient, and if so, has this had a detrimental affect on me?  Is my perception correct regarding a situation?  Have I become narrow minded? Am I focused on my objective?”

Very intriguing and appropriate questions for me at this point in my life. Perhaps in yours, too?

Apparently, many think the praying mantis symbolizes magical qualities. One google search showed me this list (which I believe originated from In Signs, Symbols & Omens: An Illustrated Guide to Magical & Spiritual Symbolism, written by Raymond Buckland (2003: 231))

Mantis’s Wisdom Includes:

* Ability to manipulate time

* Power to move between moments

* Understanding of the circular nature of time

* Power of stillness

* Female warrior energy

* Attack strategy

I’d like to think that seeing this praying mantis so close-up was a good sign of things to come. Perhaps it was a wake-up call—or a call to look more closely at  situations or issues in my life. I don’t know about its particular message, but I like the qualities that a mantis represents: the power of stillness and female warrior energy, especially.

I could use a little female warrior energy! Sometimes it’s still hard for me to ask for what I need, or to quickly recognize when a situation isn’t healthy. I’m growing and learning each day to shed my co-dependent ways. This holiday season I’m striving to find more peace and stillness and less stressful situations for my boys. Incorporating some praying mantis tactics such as staying still, observing situations calmly and listening to my inner instincts, can only be good additions to my life. How about yours?

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    Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Bless you!

  2. I ran across your blog tonight after googling “praying mantis omen”…(interesting to know what people Google!) anyway, I was visited by a praying mantis today & it really freaked me out. I went outside to get my mail & as I was opening my door I saw the praying mantis on my door frame. It turned it’s head and like right at me (like person – it was freaky!!)I screamed bc it scared me & I ran inside! I have been thinking about it ever since & wondering what it means, if anything. I’m also hoping it chat get inside bc I’m terrified of it.
    Your post was very relatable. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hey Amanda! How funny. I did the same: started googling to see what it all means. About a month ago, I white owl flew past my car slowly at night, and then stopped in a tree and flew past again. I live in LA, so that sort of freaked me out. I just love it though. These funny encounters. They may mean nothing and they may just remind us that we share this Earth with amazing creatures. Have a blessed day! Laura

      • An owl is a sign of wisdom. They use to follow me when I was studying spiritual things in Abadiania, Brazil at John of Gods….I would think that a
        white one would indicate purity or the Holy Spirit….. a good omen !!!!….For me praying to Jesus is easier now, and I know I’m a winner with him…..

  3. I’m so glad I found this, I was woken up by one last night, it was so weird, it made alotta of noise in my room, and as a woman living alone I got scared but still had the courage to switch on the light and investigate, and it came straight to my pillow, I got scared for a minute, but not once did I think of killing it cuz I felt a peaceful presence in my room, it was so wierd but awesome… And I wanted to talk to it, but I Thot that was crazy, but there was something about it that was just so peaceful… And well I did’nt remove it from my pillow, and it chilled for a while, so I ended up passing out on the other side of the bed….. And I remember waking up around midnight, and it was still there but it looked like it was asleep, so I went back to my sleep, but wen my alarm went around 5am, it was gone….but i’v been curious about this whole thing ever since…… But this stories are so amazing.

  4. yesterday I met up with my father for the first time in years. I haven’t had much to do with him since he moved out and left my mother and I when I was 6. I am now 21, and decided I wanted to get to know my father a little better. We met for a drink which went well so we decided to go back to his house. We were going out to have a smoke when I noticed on the screen door, a pray mantis (a male I believe). I didn’t think much about it at this point. I soon left my father’s and headed back to my boy friends where I live. As I entered the screen door I noticed another pray mantis( also appeared to be male). I have been having some issues with my boy friend lately. I am not sure if this is a sign or something ?

    • Wow, Kim! That’s really a cool coincidence. I’m NO psychiatrist, but if that happened to me, I’d really pay attention to any similarities between your dad’s visit (his personality, background) and your boyfriend…You never know. Maybe a spirit guide sent you this praying mantis. They are just so other-worldly, aren’t they? Thanks so much for sharing! I hope your visit with your dad went well. That must have been really hard for you. Take care, Laura xo

  5. I’ve been struggling a lot lately. Got laid off in march because the company I worked for went out of business, my bf of 8 yes and I broke up because he had a terrible habit of lying and cheating, and I recently discovered that in 2 wks my unemployment will run out and the state is not offering any extensions. I’ve been seeking adequate employment for months to no avail. Needless to say, I’ve been very depressed terrified that my kids and I will soon be homeless and have no money. This morning as I was reading and deepening my spirituality, I glanced up to my large living room window and notices a praying mantis. I walked up to the window to get a closer look. It looked at me and flew away. I walked to the front door and opened it to find the praying mantis was on the screen door. I didn’t want to scare it away so I closed the door and started researching the significance. I had a sudden desire to photograph it so grabbed my phone and opened the door. It was gone. I stepped out looking for it but couldn’t find it anywhere. I can’t help but believe he had a message for me. What, idk. Does anyone have any ideas?

    • Wow Charlie, SO much for you to be going through. Hang in there. Maybe the mantis is sending a message of hope: that miracles/opportunities are just outside your door, outside your window, waiting for you to open them and step through the fear.

      Take good care of yourself!! If you need stress relief (and who doesn’t?!) check out free yoga and meditation online. I think has a free trial. All the best! Laura x

      • Carita Goolsby

        I’ve been going through money problems also like at first I wasn’t making money then started to make it but wasn’t getting my money all at one time because the type of job (electric supply) I was doing the guy has and still is taking advantage of if which is not ok but what can I do about it anyways I’ve been dealing with a lot more life problems to but I walk outside today cause my kids were yelling for me to look and when I got to my porch I saw the praying mantis right there across from me but we were leaving so as scared as I was I ran past then took pics of it lol

      • Post a pic if you can! I think Carita that you are getting into the flow of your life and away from fear. When you are in the present moment, when you are surrendered to your life as a mom, or to the fact that there is only so much you can do or control. You can’t necessarily control your boss and when you pays you, but perhaps you can keep the faith that more abundance is coming your way? Miracles and beauty and mystery exist in this world. Trust that everything is going to be ok and take steps you need to find the better position or to have a conversation with your boss about being paid on time as you have a family to take care of. You’re finding your way and your voice. 🙂

  6. Hi Laura, I enjoyed reading your posting. Yesterday I was about to get in my car to meet a friend for dinner and discuss some events of the day that slightly bothered me regarding an ex I still love. As I approached my vehicle, I noticed a praying mantis on my back window, I was content with its presence, I took out my phone and of course took pictures, in that short time I feel we somehow connected, I spoke to the mantis as well. After a brief period the mantis flew away into a tree and I drove away. Because of experiences I’ve had with butterflies over the course of this past year, I felt the mantis had some significance and now find myself writing this. What are your thoughts. Thank you and peace be upon you. Roberto

    • Hi Roberto,

      Wow, how wonderful! You know, my gut reaction is to say that the praying mantis sighting was in relation to your love for your ex. I say this because the mantis was on your back car window. When you drive, you look into your rearview mirror often to see through the back window, to see what’s behind you and what may be approaching so you can keep driving safely forward. Our past is inextricably linked with our present and future. We must look into our past, see where we’ve been, what lessons we can learn, in order to safely drive forward, to successfully navigate to a future location that is just right for our continued growth and happiness.. So it’s your time to look back, look into that back window to your relationship with your ex. Pause and ask yourself if there is a specific lesson that you still need to learn? Perhaps that is all that it is. Or, perhaps it’s more than that and it’s time to turn around and reach out to her and try to rekindle or make amends? So take some time to reflect on your past relationship, what you adore about this person, what your role was in your break-up, what gratitude you have for any growth in that relationship and whether you are better off moving forward and trying to rekindle?

      How beautiful! Thanks for reading and sharing!

      Peace to you too ~


  7. I have had 3 encouters with these creatures in less than a week. All were found inside my house upstairs in my bedroom, one of which were right where we lay our heads on the window sill and on another on a pillow in the same window. With this being said I am scared to death of insects,bugs,pets, or animals of any sort even the fish in a tank. There are several things going on in my life right now so i just want to know,why are these creatures coming to vist me? Is there a logical explanation for this?

    • Hi Yolonda! Thank you for reading and reaching out! I have no idea…But perhaps it’s time for you to slow down, stay in the moment & seek answers from a place of gratitude for all the lessons that may be held in each issue going on in your life. Every thing, every conflict and every person holds the opportunity for our growth, even when painful. Perhaps you have 3 issues that need your attention? Look inward and ask for guidance for your highest good and the highest good of others in your life. The number 3 in general is very special too. Maybe a nod from your angel saying you are not alone. 🙂

      Wishing you peace!

      Laura xo

  8. Hi there. Okay, here goes, as this is gonna be a little different. I understand the meaning of mantis, but wonder about my encounter, and if anyone has any thoughts (hopefully positive ones) as to what it might mean for me. Before dawn this morning, I ran out of bags while walking my dog and could not clean up after him at that time. You may have already guessed where this is going :). I went back to clean up during another walk, and low and behold that’s where my mantis was. He /she was center stage on a pile of dog crap lol. I was so shocked to see a praying mantis just sitting there and looking at me that I was taken aback literally. I let them be, as I will go back later tonight. My life right now has a lot of turmoil in it, and I know I have to be careful with the decisions I make. I also believe timing is everything, and signs are everywhere. If anyone has any ideas I could use your help. I am looking for sincere thoughts, not all the other things can and could be said lol. Thank you all for your time and for any help … Light and Love Always, Carol

    • Hmmm, Carol, that’s ripe for a lot of crappy innuendo! 🙂 But, like you, I believe signs are everywhere. Here’s one interpretation: Before you pick up and throw out the typical crap you’re dealing with in your daily life….maybe take a few moments to think. Is your day in and day out life having you shovel crap? Do you need to re-evaluate your relationships? Are you 50% responsible for all that is happening and are you needing to reconsider any relationship turmoil or recent judgements you’ve made about others that may have exhausted you? Can you shift your perspective and try to understand them before trying to be understood? Pause before throwing out or walking away?

      Just an idea!

      Thanks for reading and sharing! I love how people encounter praying mantis’ in the most intriguing ways!

      Best of luck to you.

      Lots of Light ~

      Laura x

    • Hi Laura, I meant to get back to you much sooner to thank you for your reply. It is amazingly accurate with some of the issues I have been facing and dealing with. The advice you gave, is something I have been contemplating over and over again. I just needed to say thank you, and to let you know how close to home you hit lol. It was and is greatly appreciated :). Light and Love, Carol

  9. Hello. As I’m writting this a praying mantis was on my screen door and now is sitting on the door seal above the door. I grab my iPad and took a few pics of it. I felt his visit means something. I didn’t know if it’s good or bad, but I wanted to know. I was in a five year relationship that ended ten months ago. It was not a good relationship. During one of our off periods, I met another man and he had me at hello. Things didn’t work out for me and the other man. After two and a half years… the man reenters my life. Two nights ago, we had a lovely time together. So, I’m wondering if this little creature is trying to tell me something.

  10. Well my visitor has been at my house for 3 days now he’s hanging around on my front door frame, not sure what all this means however as long as it’s a good thing he’s here I don’t mind. Thanks for your research. I’ll pray he doesn’t ever leave.

  11. Also today marks 2 yrs that my mother passed away so I wondered if this visitor is here because of her. Not sure who knows right anything is possible!

  12. Ive been having some issues with my husband pretty bad ones too, and earlier today during a home inspection for work, i was standing outside of the home and out of no where i felt something tickle my leg as if it was like a tag on a shirt or so, i look down and a praying mantis was on me. At first i kicked it off and then started staring at it. i took some cool pictures and it was just staring at me with those big eyes. First i was grossed out but the more i stare at it the more peaceful and beautiful it looked. So now im here reading about them.

    • That’s amazing. Mine came and kept coming back during a particularly challenging time in my life too! I love their big peaceful eyes and how they don’t run away, but stare at you, as if trying to send a message. Thanks for sharing!

  13. On Sept 21 2015 on a camping trip in our RV my 9 yr old Great Dane Prada, fell ill and passed unexpectedly hrs later. I have been emotionally devastated by this blind side. I’ve had uncontrollable crying and depression. On Oct 27 , I entered our RV for the first time since she passed. I was crying from all my memories of her . I was in the rear bedroom and looked down , I thought it was a clump of grass or stick. I pushed it with my foot into the rear bathroom. It was a petrified Praying Mantis in perfect form. The praying mantis somehow got in the RV during that last camping trip.
    Any thoughts ?

    • Hi Kelly,

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m still sad over losing my weimaraner years ago. It’s so hard.

      I have no idea if there is a meaning with this sighting or not. But they are such amazing creatures. Perhaps a witness to your pain?

      Take care,


  14. I was sitting at my computer when I heard something fly in the window. I didn’t see it. I had just received a call of someone close to me (in childhoods) passing. I also just put my notice in at work due to a crazy boss. Earlier this morning, I had a fight with my boyfriend. I also came home early because I had found out a medical issue which I thought was resolved, had returned.
    Anyways, I didn’t see what had flown in but a moment later it was tangled in my hair! I screamed & did everything in my power to remove it from my head.
    I still had no clue what it was flying around in there, but it fell out. I looked around & saw nothing. Moments later, it was crawling on my leg. In sheer panic I smacked it with my flip flop, injuring it.

    It continued to crawl & became very still. At this time, I snapped a picture (not knowing what it was) and I had a moment of purity where I apologized for hurting him & waited for my brave daughter to come home to release him back outside.

    Is it a bad omen to hurt a mantis? I have enough going on in my life. Is it a sign?

    • Hi there! I’m sorry for the late reply! I replied to you via my cell phone but it didn’t register on the site. You know, I don’t think they are ever bad omens. Mantis are so calm, so patient. They appear to take all information in before they decide to attack or not. Very zen. So, perhaps all the change in your life is / was making you nervous and reactive? Perhaps not. Change, even for the good, can be upsetting. It’s ok. I think he was a message to calm down and not think that everything that is in front of you, is going to hurt you. So pause, take in more information. Take five yoga breaths (Deep breaths in through your nose, out of your nose to the count of 5 on the inhale, 5/6 on the exhale). Wait. Let the emotions come and roll in and roll out without doing anything about them. Accept them, they are just emotions. Write about what’s going on in your life so you can reconnect to your center and hear that divine wisdom from within. Once you do all that, then make a move. To move with haste, can injure you or others. Best of luck to you! I’m sorry again for the rather late reply. Laura x

  15. I get visited really often and find it really strange . I once noticed a mantis inside sitting on my laptop bag and like usual just look at them in awe . I went to bed and the next morning had to rush while running a bit late . I was at my desk and noticed he is sitting on my divider and we were just looking at each other while my coworkers asked if he was my pet and everyone wanted to come and have a look . Yesterday working in the garden I just saw a glimpse of an insect flying out of bushes on my shoulder and it turned out to be another Mantis . I left him and he stayed on my shoulder the entire time while I was busy in the garden. Sadly this morning I didn’t see him . I don’t know why but I feel a sense of peace whenever this happens . Like everyone else I have had bad times in my life , lost loved ones and battle with severe OCD . I’m going to hospital in two weeks time for treatment and I will think of this as a good luck wish

    • Phil, I am certainly no expert but as a very intuitive yogi (as well as a writer) I would have to agree that these visits are signs. They seem to be signs of peace and a way for you to pause and find wonder in your life. Whenever I can reconnect to wonder and awe and beauty I begin to feel that all is going to be ok. That I am going through exactly what I’m meant to for my highest good, for me to evolve and grow spiritually. It could also be a sign from an angel (if you believe, if not, just go with me!) that you need to take yoga breaths, believe you are taken care of and trust … as you enter the hospital. Best of luck!! And thanks for connecting. Laura

  16. This morning I had my second visit in a week. I had to google the meaning as I thought it odd as well. Your post was much welcomed as I myself am sitting at a cross roads with my career at the moment. Yes, I know the answer but the executing of an entire career change at 43 with a young child at school is something I am not so sure about. The praying mantis does indeed signify a strong female, a warrior and I suppose this is my answer. I have to close my eyes and persevere. Thank you for this post.

    • You are so welcome Linda! Thank you for reading and getting in touch. You know, I had a massive shift in my life at 39…and then made huge changes a few years later…leaving tight deadlines and stress of editing a magazine, ruffling feathers and then pursuing yoga and writing a novel while juggling life as a single mom whose ex was in Europe, so I had few breaks or help. My choice probably seemed very bizarre to some, as I had a super young child at the time. So I get it. Listen to your heart. Meditate. Sometimes our journeys aren’t the ones that look like they should to the outside world. It’s how it feels to us. How do you want to live? What will make you happy? What fills you up and gives you purpose? And once you follow your heart, or go where the love is, you’ll start to feel calmer & more peaceful, which will make you a calmer and more peaceful and hopefully more present mom … and everyone wins. 🙂 Lots of love & luck to you on your journey! L.x

  17. Nearly 6 years ago my partner of 22years died quite suddenly , only one month after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. On the evening of her death and for all the days leading up to her funeral my double ranchslider doors in my bedroom were covered in praying mantis. It was like a green curtain clinging to the outside on the window !! They were the most prolific on the eve of her death and lessened as the days went on.
    I read up about the spiritual significance of this in Barry Brailsfords’ book. This gave me lots of insight and comfort. Now the time of year was April 10th and in New Zealand …..this is coming into our Autumn.
    Last week I was talking with a friend in my home and we were reminiscing about my partners death and I told her the story of the praying mantis. She sat there staring at me as if she’d seen a ghost and then pointed to my shoulder…..sitting there perched on my left shoulder near my neck was a praying mantis ! It was quite still and it allowed me to carefully pick it up and take it outside. Now I had no windows open ….it is the middle of summer in NZ and I have not seen any other praying mantis around. I don’t even know if they come out in the summer and actually live long enough to take them to early April ?
    I’d like to think my soul mate had visited from the other side…..manifesting herself in this form. I believe in in this and would like to have your ‘take’ on this amazing happening !

    • Wow, Lillian, what a story! How amazing and how wonderful too! You know, I’m not a mantis expert in the least! I did look up their mating season in NZ and it seems that it runs 3 weeks mid-March. Apparently the mantis have a short life span too. It’s just too much of a coincidence for a mantis to appear on your shoulder the moment you are telling your friend about all of the mantis on your doors after your partner died. I’m sure you haven’t had many mantis appear on your shoulder like that either—as if trying to be part of the conversation or to listen in. I’d say your partner sent you a message: a message of hope and of female, goddess energy, power, grace, friendship, love. Thank you so much for sharing your story!
      All the best to you!
      Laura x

  18. Calvary Greetings in Jesus name,. My name is Joyce. I just had a dream where I saw a big praying mantis!.. I was scared! It came towards me, open its mouth twice, First opening of its mouth, I saw color blue and on the second opening of its mouth I saw color purple.

    Please help.

    • Joyce! WOW! Ok, so are you going through a major transition? Are you finding your voice? Are you in situations where you are learning to hold back what you want to say? Are you having lucid dreams (besides this one lol!) Are you sensing others thoughts, feelings, intuiting events?

      Here’s why I am saying all of this. You, my dear, are tapping into your throat and 3rd eye chakras. Maybe this is a bit too much for you? But hear me out. The throat chakra is represented by the color blue. When in balance, you speak your truth with grace & kindness and you bite your tongue if what you want to say is not kind, not true, not needed to be said by you or not needed to be said right now. When your throat chakra is out of balance, you vomit nervous chatter. You often project your fears on others with your words. You say controlling things, manipulating things. It is out of control when you are ruled by fear. If it is in under-use, you never speak your mind. Also ruled by fear when not utilized, you are silent when your feelings are deeply hurt. You are silent when you need to show the world what you can do. When this chakra is not in tune, you feel as if you are teetering out of control and are saying things before you think about them, or that you are invisible and not appreciated or supported.

      So, your 3rd eye chakra, my favorite, is represented by the color purple, it’s scent lavender. It is your center for intuition. If you sense that someone means you harm, you listen. It is the inner voice that lets you know when something or someone is good for you or not. It leads you to your destiny, your joyful career, your friends who are like family. And the Praying Mantis is the female warrior, with Goddess energy…she is telling you to listen to your intuition. It will guide you to either speak up, or to thoughtfully try to understand before being understood with those you speak with.

      Thank You for sharing!!!

      Lots of love,
      Laura x

  19. Sonia Harbridge

    hi there I loved your page thankyou 🙂 I went for a walk the other day and noticed a praying mantis crossed my path and it caught my attention. it brought our the inner child I guess which I have been working on a lot over the last 12 months along with condition response and change. still am 🙂 and adjusting now to the changes I have made and that have happened naturally . then today I found one at my back sliding door that opens onto our entertainment area. it was amazing and I loved the connection. those beautiful big blue eyes that seem to draw me in wanting to know that I acknowledged it’s presence. I felt really cautious but excited. those eyes followed me and it seemed to tap it’s foot on the door as if to say, hey yeh I am looking at you too. I forgot how amazing and beautiful they are and I my inner child is pretty happy about the whole thing. strangely I am adjusting to relaxing and letting go at the moment and was in conflict about going to a meditation group tonight. I sensed my resistance but couldnt make a decision. so I let it go and asked for help and then came the visit from my lovely friend. that was a decider – yep go and the more I researched the more fascinated I have become about this lovely little thing. think I might draw on this energy to help with the transition, slow down and contemplate 🙂 cheers Sonia

    • Hi Sonia! Sorry for the lag in response, crazy week. WOW I love hearing these stories! I am embracing my inner child too. I even have a pic of me when I was little in my room to remind me to find child-like joy in little things every day. I try. Aren’t these creatures marvelous? I am convinced that the one who visited me on that sad and frustrating Thanksgiving was channeling my mom who has Alzheimer’s and can’t speak…trying to tell me to listen to my inner voice. I knew I was in a bad situation that wasn’t for my highest good. I needed to listen to that voice and to let go so I could find my own path.
      Thank you for sharing! And let me know if you see another!
      Have a beautiful Valentine’s week! xo

  20. Today is valentine’s day, a year and three days ago I signed consent forms for my divorce after 11 years of been married to a man who cheated on me, I moved back home and fixed up the house as best I could, my life has been a whirl wind and I’ve paid no attention to what I want I’ve focused on renovations and moving. Today as I was hanging my laundry up I found a praying mantis on my washing line, it turned to look at me and I just stared at. Right now I’m wondering what does this mean, since the last time I seen one was two years ago but never took notice of it.

    • Hang in there Jayden. Wow, that’s a lot. And I know how all of that feels. My ex cheated on me as well and that first year post-separation I just faked it till i maked it. I slept walked through life, breastfeeding my baby, pretending all was well and numbly going through the motions for both my boys. Interestingly, when the divorce was finally final, maybe 3 years later, the day I signed, I sat in my car and cried and cried. All the good times mixed with the bad, I saw all my faults as well as all the times I tried so hard and wasn’t seen or heard or respected and I could finally grieve. It sounds like you are still numb? And that’s ok. Maybe it’s time to look at yourself, the goddess within. Who is she? What does she like to do? What lights her up? Do you journal? I remember that I started making lists because I was so disconnected with even the type of music I liked or the type of vacation I wanted to go on. I had forgotten my own interests separate from what I did or liked to do with my former partner, or what I’d do for or with my children. It’s easy to lose sight of our own reflection. So, maybe the mantis appeared to remind you to look at yourself again, to start paying attention to who you are and not just what you are doing and who you are doing it for? Just a guess. … Best of luck to you! Love & Light ~ Laura x

  21. Hi all for this great insights. I am currently going through an intensely emotional karmic relationship with a man, which has been all-consuming in my life, and been desperate to get my heart to follow what my head is saying ! (which is to get out before it gets worse. This morning I noticed a little nest on my window blinds, and when I went closer it was a nest of baby praying mantis (hundreds of them!) just crawling out! A most beautiful sight! But I wonder what message a whole nest of newborns are sending me?

    • Hi Liesel! Do you have a picture of this nest? How amazing! At first, I wondered if it was maternal message, since they are newborns. And then it hit me: you have hundreds, thousands even, of possibilities waiting to be born. Not just hundreds of men out there who may treat you better, but thousands of possibilities. You are infinite possibility. Maybe you have shut that off inside you as you focus on him, on your karmic relationship, on the lessons, the pain, trying to understand, maybe even fix him or a wound within you that is emerging or being mirrored. But when all this energy and focus is put on one person or one consuming relationship,it drains your chi- your life force- and you can’t create or explore your dreams or what sets you on the path of your purest intentions. So, I think this is a symbol that there are hundreds of possibilities out there, waiting to be born, if you just let go and allow the Universe to provide them…

      LOTS OF LOVE to you!! xo

      • Dear Laura
        Thanks so much for this insightful response. As I am typing this, one of the babies is sitting on the rim of my laptop screen, swaying back and forth….constantly crawling all over my laptop. If that’s not a sign, then I don’t know! I have a picture of the nest – do let me know where I can email it to? Best wishes xxx

  22. Wow Liesel! I wish you could post it here, but I guess not? Send it to my email: Can’t wait to see it! Maybe I’ll do a follow-up post with pics! x

  23. Hi. I was going through a spiritual time in my life, I felt enlightened. One day as I was driving, I spotted a prey mantis on the corner of my front car good. It was a random event in my life, a wierd place to spot a prey mantis. Was this a sign?. After my first encounter with my prey friend, they show up a lot now. I really want to find out what this means. As I am writing this message, their are two prey mantis in my room, just chilling on the ceiling. Today I spotted a female prey mantis and a male prey mantis mateing outside. Also spotted another one outside, chilling on a outdoor ladder. I notice that only male prey mantis are found in my house, and have spotted two female preymantis since the first prey mantis invasion. The two prey mantis in my room, are dark black beneathe the wings, others I’ve seen are light beneathe the wings. What doe’s this mean?.


    • Wow Lucky, thanks for checking in! I don’t know what it means definitively, but as an intuitive yogi, I’m feeling sexual energy with you. Maybe you are re-inventing yourself spiritually, but maybe you are also creating a vibration to attract your soul mate. If you are re-considering past loves or thinking about mistakes, it would be natural for the different male and female mantis sightings. Everyone hears how violent their matings can be, but not always. Males aren’t always killed, from what I read. They are really powerful and silent and still and magical. Find your stillness and see what lights up inside you and you’ll likely be lead to what you desire or what you’re dreaming of. Lots of Light to you.

  24. One night I got up to get a drink in the kitchen. As I turned to leave I felt something land on my head. I swished it away and it flew off into the family room. It took me awhile to work out what it was. I thanked it for the message it brings and then allowed it passage out of my front door. It did not leave. I returned to bed. The next morning I woke to find the mantis which I thought at the time was a stick insect was gone. Later while in the bathroom the mantis shows himself on the top of the shower screen. He has been in that room ever since. The last two weeks I think. My life right now revolves around emotional repair for my 5 boys and myself. Amazing it stays in the most watery room in the house. I loved reading all the posts up on this. It is truly amazing how animal spirits work. Thanks for starting all this Laura.
    Love and light. xx

    • Oh wow Kate! Sorry for the late reply, I was away…Good luck with all the work and focus on your boys. I get that, but you have FIVE? That’s amazing. I think the mantis is amazed by you and your strength and is reminding you daily that you are worthy and deserving and that anyone would be LUCKY to be around you everyday. Love & Light!!!

  25. Hi Laura
    Things aint going my way these dasys last week i was on vac leave and decided to visit my grannies house the minute i got there i got sick seing things and hearing voice it was like im crazy they had to drive me back after 4 days coz it was like im loosing my mind when i got back home i started seing mantis and lizards in my house and im noe ferling much better what dies that mean or signifies

    • Not sure Charles. Sorry for the late reply! I tried to reply via my cell phone and it must not have sent! Go see a doctor. Maybe you are having issues with vision? Equilibrium balance issues? I’ll say a prayer for you. Let me know how you are!

  26. My experience with a praying mantis isn’t so peaceful, I’m worried it’s a bad sign! As I was getting out of the shower I reached for my towel – and a praying mantis popped out and ran across the edge of the bath. I put my towel on and the wee fellow was struggling in the bottom of the bath, he looked like he was drowning. So i picked him up and he looked straight at me with his little red eyes, and I went outside in my towel and popped him on a plant. Not before he tried to scurry up my arm a couple of times. What do you think? I’m at a bit of a crossroads in terms of work and where I live, I’ve been stewing on it for quite some months and it’s come to a head of late. I’ve quit my job and I’m currently job hunting, this morning I had a nightmare about being followed in the forest (I ended up beating the person up and then waking up) and this afternoon I had a job interview! Stressful times hehe

    • Hey Julie-Anne, Don’t stress! To me, it’s just a sign that you are struggling in shaky waters, trying to find your roots. It’s hard to reach for your dreams if you feel as if you are in quick sand or in a turbulent sea, you know? Take some yoga breaths. Five to ten deep breaths. Breath in to the count of five, allow your lungs to fill completely. Exhale via your nose and make a little vibration in the back of your throat, like you are trying to fog up a mirror with your mouth closed. Count to six when you exhale. Do this again, listening to the sound of your breath, like an ocean wave. Imagine that with every inhale the Universe is filling you with confidence and safety and trust. Exhale the doubt, the panic, the fear. Keep doing this, maybe up to ten times. The Universe has your back. This mantis was struggling to find solid ground. Maybe clinging to the wrong places. It could be a metaphor for something going on in your life?
      Good luck with your job search!!! Thanks for checking in. I feel that good things are ahead! xo

  27. As everyone else here I’ve been visited by a praying mantis 3 times this week. The first time was in my backyard after coming home from eating and I noticed it right by my foot. I told my bf and told him not to kill it because they are protected in the state where I live. I didn’t think anything of it and went inside. Three days ago it returned again but this time it was in my dining room while I was serving my kids supper. I called my bf and he took it outside. Now this evening after eating supper I was in the living with the kids and it was sitting right on my TV stand hanging out! I yet again set it outside. IDK what the meaning of this is but the praying mantis is very insistent.

    • Hi Melly! Sorry for the very late reply. I’m having technical difficulties replying from my cell phone. So I love the number 3, it’s my sacred number. I pay attention whenever things occur in 3s. And you mentioned that this mantis shows up right after you eat. Each time. What are you eating? Are you feeling well? Do you have any allergic reactions that you aren’t aware of? Dairy or gluten allergies can result in a feeling of cramping or gas. Maybe what you are eating needs to be addressed. Are you in a rut? Do you eat the same foods over and over again? Are you eating out or eating salty, fatty foods? What is feeding your soul? Just food for thought…no pun intended! 🙂 Love & Light,
      Laura x

  28. This morning getting my kids in the car, on my way to take my oldest daughter to school I saw a praying mantis at the end of the left side of my car close to my oldest daughters side, where she always sits. I had to warn her about it as she is terrified of insects and they are not a smaller insect so of course she was very nervous she wouldn’t go near that side. I had to get my infant son in his carseat which is right in the middle and it ran to the other side after I looked at it and walked towards it. As I put my 3 year old daughter on the right side it came back to the left side but now at the bottom of my tire after my oldest daughter jumped in very fearful. I had to grab a straw to try to move it as I did not want it to be squashed as I reversed. This is the second time I have found a praying mantis on the rear side of my car, last time it was on the top of my rear tire. I’ve been grieving the loss of my first husband, (my oldest daughters father we were divorced by church when he passed and I was with my now husband) its now been three years and I’m not sure if it is his spirit but sometimes I believe so because it was the exact occurrence the first time where I was on my way to taking my oldest daughter to school she’ll be 8 in two weeks. I’m not sure what the praying mantis is trying to speak to me but I thought I might ask for your insight.

    • Wow, my first instinct is to say this, from your first husband: It’s okay to leave me behind. Move forward, move on. I see you holding on to me, let go. Only if you reverse, will you run over me again and again. I’m ready to let go of the back wheels and watch you cruise forward on your journey. It’s ok.
      That’s what I feel when I read your message. 🙂
      Thank you for getting in touch and for sharing Vanessa. I feel that you are very deeply loved.
      Love & Light. x

  29. Monique I,m so lucky to have 5 praying Montis visiting me these month 4 in my back yard I when to my cabin last night the fifth one was in my scoring back door love them and all different colors !!!

  30. Three praying many uses came to me and my boyfriend tonight as we were outside sitting in our tent. I’ve been told that when there is more than one that comes go you it has a completely different meaning. What meaning does this hold and does it go for both of us ?

  31. I recently suffered a miscarriage and have been wondering whether or not my husband and I should try again. In addition, I am at a crossroad work wise wondering should leave my current position and apply for a new position in the same company. I walked in my office only to find a Praying Mantis outside of my office window. It was there from the morning until the evening when I left work. I didn’t know anything about Praying Mantis until today. What does this mean?

    • a praying mantis represents divine feminine energy. Goddesses step into their power in a graceful, patient, peaceful way. A mantis needs stillness and when I saw one that walked right up to me, I had been living within chaos and not listening to my inner voice, my inner wisdom. You are in your head. You are in fear right now. Take deep breaths. Meditate. Breathe. You don’t have to force an answer or make immediate decisions. Be open to magic and having an alternative option appear (work wise) before doing anything. That’s what I think this means. Begin a morning or evening meditation routine. Take 10 deep yoga breaths at lunch time and mentally say to yourself: I am breathing in peace and stillness, I am exhaling out fear, confusion and doubt. Good luck! xo

  32. I’ve had close encounters with Praying Mantis’s since Childhood. I was always told that they brought good luck when one was near. My neighbors and I have been fighting to save our homes from the city that basically wants to steal them for nothing and make us leave. We have been putting up a string fight. Thereso about 16 of us left I’m in my 40s being the youngest and alot of them are elderly so I feel the need to step up an help. Tonight I come home to see a praying mantis hanging on the underside of my front porch roof frolic a spider Web. Freaked me out I hate spiders. So I looked at it odd and was worried that it was trapped in a Web. As I’m walking in my door a second praying mantis comes flying twds me an lands just on the outside edge of my door and looks at me. 2 at once? Never had that happen. I feel bad now because I got a broom and helped thwith mantis put of he Web I didn’t realize it was his dinner lol. Either way I cannot help but think that both of these were telling me to remain calm and hope is on its way

  33. In case anyone comments I forgot to click the box

  34. WOW MysticDreamer! What a story. Thank you for sharing. First, my heart goes out to you and your neighbors trying to hold on to your homes. That sounds frightening. You are such a light to help the seniors.
    So, about your double mantis visit…I’m not sure how to respond. One is holding on within the Web of the structure of your house. The other flies into the open door. Maybe symbolic, of holding on too tight and getting tangled in that web of fear. The other has an open door, symbolic of new opportunities, open to what is new, and being able to fly into that. What can you be open to? Are there new possibilities you need to consider, to look at, to allow yourself to be open to?
    Good luck!! Let me know what happens.
    Love & Light,

  35. I got home from work yesterday and started my daily home routine. My 80 year old mother lives with me. She is very sick. My home life feels like a prison sometimes. My spouse and I have not spoken to each other for about two weeks. We are never in the same room at the same time. And he only comes to bed when I’m all ready sleeping. With that said, I took my dogs out to my backyard and as soon as I stepped out I saw a mantis sitting very still on my deck railing. I’m not afraid of animals, I love them and it disturbs me to hear of abuse against any animal. Went to get a close look at the mantis, and the face was incredibly human. I called my daughter out so she could witness this visit. She was also amazed at the likeness of its face to that of a human. I can tell you that since I saw the mantis a felt a calmness come over me and also a strong urge to cry and let it all out. The mantis stayed all night on my deck, has not moved. This morning before I left for work I decided to check and sure enough is still there! I hope is there when I get home. I kind of know in my heart that the message is to let go angry feelings and to appreciate my family and life. But why is the mantis still on my deck? Am I getting the wrong message?

    • Hi Sissi, Thanks for writing in and sharing your story & sighting. Author & MD Christiane Northrup says Goddesses rage and move on. I am intuiting that this little mantis sees you and sees that you haven’t surrendered to your situation. You likely feel powerless taking care of your aging mother and also not feeling close to your husband. Surrendering to, and accepting your situation may help you. Acknowledge the situation. Grab a pillow and scream. Do whatever will help you get it out. And then when you settle down, talk. Let yourself and your needs and your feelings be seen and heard. That’s what I’m feeling from your message. Take good care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. And still acknowledge your needs. You are worthy of being supported and cared for too. Best of luck to you. I send you love & light. L. x

  36. I got home from work yesterday and started my daily home routine. My 80 year old mother lives with me. She is very sick. My home life feels like a prison sometimes. My spouse and I have not spoken to each other for about two weeks. We are never in the same room at the same time. And he only comes to bed when I’m all ready sleeping. With that said, I took my dogs out to my backyard and as soon as I stepped out I saw a mantis sitting very still on my deck railing. I’m not afraid of animals, I love them and it disturbs me to hear of abuse against any animal. Went to get a close look at the mantis, and the face was incredibly human. I called my daughter out so she could witness this visit. She was also amazed at the likeness of its face to that of a human. I can tell you that since I saw the mantis a felt a calmness come over me and also a strong urge to cry and let it all out. The mantis stayed all night on my deck, has not moved. This morning before I left for work I decided to check and sure enough is still there! I hope is there when I get home. I kind of know in my heart that the message is to let go angry feelings and to appreciate my family and life. But why is the mantis still on my deck? Am I getting the wrong message?

  37. Hi
    I woke the other night to get a drink of water, when I came back to bed I noticed a praying mantis on my other pillow, it just stared at me, I couldn’t work out how it got in the house let alone my pillow! I carefully picked it up and put it on a plant outside, no it didn’t want to go at first but it did.
    I have no idea why this happened and I do feel that it was something spiritual.

    • Debbie, that’s amazing! Aren’t they just remarkable creatures? So still and their eyes seem to pierce a message through to you. Pay attention to your dreams. If you woke around 3 or 4 a.m., that’s angel & guide time. Keep a dream journal and before going to bed meditate or say to yourself a few times: tonight I will speak to my guides in the spiritual realm and remember in the morning. I am intuited that a message needs to be delivered and it may just be something that has been in front of you for a while, but you aren’t picking up on it. Either that, or a relative who has passed wants you to know he/ she is near, sees you & loves you. Either way, think about creating a dream journal this month. Love, Laura

  38. Hi A praying Mantis appeared on Saturday 4/15 Easter time, in my bacony do not know from where, i am in a high floor and helped her to get in one of my plants and she did by going through my hand inside the plant, gave her water, and had her for 3 days. Today Tuesday 4/18 I woke up and saw her dead. I was shocked and am sad.Do not know what happened. Is this a message of tragedy or sth coming in my path? I feel heratbroken. Maybe I did sth wrong or put her in a wrong plant. I put her in my male rude plant.So she could get high in thr sticks. Should I burry her? Im an empath and my level of consciousness is inthe 7th dimenssion. Very spiritual woman. I know Mantis are wisdom and good luck but she died and it freaks me.I already had too many suffering and deaths. Trying to heal by Gods strngth that gives me every day. So should I see this death of the Mantis as a future tragedy message?

    • Hi Carol, Thanks for writing in and sharing this story. No, I don’t think it is an omen of bad luck to come. My sense is simply that it was already sick and disoriented when it found it’s way so high up to your balcony. Most likely, it was dying and found a peaceful, comforting place to transition. Best of luck to you ~ Laura xo

  39. I am 45. When younger I was mowing the lawn at our home. When I got to a certain point behind our garage I noticed that there was a mantis. I did not want to ‘bug’ it so I decided not to mow that spot. As I was about to move on, it leaped onto my arm. I then realized there were a bunch of them all over the abnormally tall grass sections that had been allowed to get too high b/c no one trimmed that area, I put my arm out and many of them just leaped on me. Next thing I know, I have a dozen or so of them up and down my arms etc. I stopped mowing and walked up to my mother to show her… Somewhere I think she has a picture of this. Since that time I have become very interested in UFOs and paranormal events. I’ve come to understand that the mantis is very prevalent in the human / alien abduction syndrome. I’ve read that they can be both the most compassionate towards man kind as well as very intimidating. I have read that they are a ‘created species’ that is charged with the oversight of a complete solar system over the entire span of it’s existence. One abductee reported her ongoing interactions with a mantis being that told her to refer to him as “MU” – master of the universe. She, being tired of being taken against her will and a head strong women, called him “MU bug” from then on. ,,I digress – just some random mantis thoughts…. As far my story, at the time it happened I thought very little about it other than being a cool novelty… however since then and most recently I wonder if there was more to the event then meet to eye….. Meh – – – **Shrug***

  40. I have recently found out that a man I let back into my life showed his true character & after he blocked me test again I decided he blocked me for the last time & I was no longer going to let this man mistreat me emotionally – I have subsequently sent him an email (uncertain if he will receive it but I don’t care if he does or doesn’t) I am done with him – this evening sitting on my couch I have a praying mantis on my wall – reading what this totem insect means has astounded me as she represents everything I have just gone through & the decision I made to stay still & trust my instincts & make the necessary changes

  41. Wow this wonderful to know about praying mantis.I was sitting in a car with my friend my 14yrs old daughter came screening saying there is something by the door.We quickly rushed to the house , we find praying mantis,as am speaking it has been going all over the house walls now is sitting in the fridge door quietly.Last night I was hurt, I prayed asking God to take control of the situation.Reading about praying mantis on Google gives me inner Peace.

  42. Sorry she was screeming. It will take time to be Ohk, but i know God is INCONTROL of the situation It was never easy to be a woman. We go through a lot of hurts but we do pull through.

  43. Hang in there! sending you strength. xo

  44. Hi there. I am having a particularly rough anxiety and stressful day. I am on the phone with my mother outside my office and i tell her from now on when i want to worry, i will pray instead. 30 seconds later a mantis moves its arm and catches my attention, i look at her and she turns her head to me. I say divine intervention. They are beautiful, this is the 2nd time i have seen one in person

    • Chelsea! I love that! Yes, I need a reminder to do that too–to pray first before the worrying. You are on the right path and I believe that mantis showed up to say that you are stepping into your goddess energy. Hang in there! Lots of Love! L. x

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