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I have been blessed so much this season. I just learned last week that I have become a lifechanger for Dr. Drew’s Life Changers show. After polling more than 25 single moms from across the country, I compiled The Single Mom’s Holiday Wish List for Dr. Drew. You will be touched, as I was (but not surprised) by their simple requests. As a single mom, I understand the exhaustion and trials that we all go through and why having a few hours of free babysitting from a friend is higher on your wish list than a new sweater!

Please chime in and let us know what is on the top of your list this season. Click on my link that will take you to my story now posted on Dr. Drew’s site and please let us know what would help you most! I know the holidays can be especially hard for single parents financially and emotionally. Reach out to us and let us know what is on your list and just know that you are not alone. (Amazingly, there are almost 10 million of us single moms in America!) In a few days I’ll be posting a competition to win a few wonderful items, especially fun for new moms. Please check back as I’m excited to give back to those of you who have given me so much through your encouragement, community and friendship.

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  1. Laura, this is fantastic news! I’m still writing Found It Loved It for DC (now Meredith) and I have to say that I love—LOVE—your gift ideas for single moms. I really wish I could feature meaningful gifts from the heart once in a while… I’ll link to yours from FILI’s FB page instead! Single moms are lucky to have you as an advocate and I can’t wait to watch you change lives! xoj

  2. Laura, this is a wonderful idea. Do you mind if I turned things around a bit and answer this from the man’s perspective, thus: “What would I have wished for my wife and children for Christmas following our separation?”1. A good psychiatrist for my ex. 2. Good mental health counseling for my three kids. 3. That I wrote the kids at least two personal letters per month telling them how I was doing. 4. That I could hand-deliver those letters each month and we could all have dinner together. 5. That my ex and I had matching calendars on the wall(s) of each of our homes so we could keep up with everyone’s schedule equally. I’d like to think for a day b4 I write the other five. THANK YOU LAURA!!!

  3. Congrats on LIfeChangers!

  4. Hi laura and Drew my name is Tiana and the biggest wish i have is a place for me and my daughter to have a home. I live with my mom brother and daughter in a one bdrm apt where i sleep on the floor at the foot of her bed between my daugters bed and hers. My brother and family stays in thee living room. Im so blessed for us to have mom but just cant seem to shake thee depression im usually a very strong independant person but after not being able to find my way on a small fixed income, not being able to provide for the baby has made me so sad i am in therpy now and healing from domestic violence which makes me happy that someones there but not having the things needed for tot just kills me inside and being out of work to provide a home for her is the worse feeling i cant even begin to explain.

  5. Corinne D'Onofrio

    As a single mom of two teenage boys, for over a decade, I understand parenthood in a whole new way. As many single parents exist across the world, I think that most of us would just ask for patience and small signs of appreciation for Christmas and throughout the year. I think a portion of people still are quite uneducated about what being a single parent really entails. If employers and friends and family could all be more educated, I think the world would be a much easier place for us single parents and our children. Please for Christmas, all I want is to be appreciated for the hard and rewarding work I do in and out of my home. Merry Christmas!

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