Sweet Dreams, Sweet Baby James


Producers from the Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers show  asked me to participate in their parenting program that aired Oct. 24th. After finding out how I’ve been struggling to get my youngest to sleep on his own, and how I’m  constantly waking up in the morning smooshed in the corner of his bunkbed without having brushed my teeth or washed my face and still fully dressed (pitiful, right?!), they sent Jill Spivack, a pediatric sleep expert and creator of the Sleepeasy Solution, to my house! After a 3-hour consultation, Jill notes that I’m not consistent with Jamesy because I want his big brother, who sleeps in the top bunk, to get some rest. After a few days of Ferberizing my toddler, I give in so his 9-year-old big brother can get much-needed sleep for school.

She’s convinced me to stay strong. See how Jill preps me to train my needy toddler to sleep on his own! Come back next week for the update on how it went!

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