Help from Dr. Drew AND Dr. Pat Allen! What a Week!

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Ok, so this week has been wonderful and nuts! Sorry for not writing in sooner … Today I’m getting filmed for the Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers show! Earlier this week I filmed little snippets of Jamesy at bedtime, who has been a horrible sleeper since day one! Their top sleep expert and Dr. Drew’s film crew is coming over tonight to give me the tools to get this little guy sleeping on his own by his 3rd birthday! I’m SO excited. I just can’t imagine sleeping in my OWN bed again every night! How many nights have I woken up at 4 a.m.—yet again—smooshed into the slat of Jamesy’s bunkbed, fully dressed, without brushing my teeth! Ah, I’m SO excited and grateful for the help Dr. Drew!

And, last week I interviewed Dr. Pat Allen, best selling author and therapist for the Millionaire Match show, who really gave me tough, straight talk. She minced NO words when giving me the tools I need to get back out into the dating world. Her advice will help all women who want to avoid falling for the wrong guy yet again.

So, stay tuned! I can’t wait to update ya’ll on both of these experts! Wow, great advice for dating AND a sleep expert to help me get my little guy sleeping on his own. 2012 might just be my best year yet!!

Lots of love,

Laura x

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  1. I know the 4am wake up all too well. My sons dad works east coast time from home and wakes up at 4am daily!!! Since i met him in 2007 I have adopted that “wonderful” before the chickens crow-wake up time too….and so has my 18 month old son!!!! By 930 am my kiddo is ready for a nap if he hasnt already taken a morning snooze by 7am and Im dragging by noon….hellllllo Starbucks!!!! What really makes it rough some days is my son decides he wants to “cuddle” at 3am somedays and at night with my “post baby bladder” he wakes every time i get up to “go” . HMMM…sleep deprived? A bit! Feeling old because we eat dinner at 4pm like the “Dennys earlybirds”? You bet!!!! Loving every minute of it and actually appreciating that im a single mom who doesnt have a nagging husband arguing with you over whether your child can come cuddle in the bed with you at 3am!!!

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